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Quit Using Your Website As A Billboard

I have watched so many web customers agonize over every detail of building their website only to complete the project by letting the site sit without any further action – as if the site will somehow get found and market itself. It isn’t uncommon to find that some site owners haven’t even looked at their site for over six months, yet wonder why they aren’t getting any customers.

The standard reaction to a ‘site that doesn’t sell’ is two-fold. One, there’s something wrong with the site design and they start guessing at what needs revising. And two, the owner needs to a find a new web designer who most assuredly will tell them whatever they want to hear, and accept their money to create another website.

Websites are not billboards, they are interactive marketing tools – which require you to actively maintain them as such.

Websites are not billboards, they are interactive marketing tools – which require you to actively maintain them as such. This maintenance includes marketing, both on and off the site, and consistent updating of content. A stagnant site will not keep attracting customers. No-one is interested in seeing the same old thing over and over. This is something that ‘the big guys’ know, and employ full-time designer’s to revise content and make improvements that keep them on top.

So what can the ‘little guys’ do? For my client’s with service sites, I request a site review each quarter, and have them read and re-write their information as their business changes, and use new ways and features to communicate their message. I help my e-commerce client’s with creating fresh ideas for revolving products, and make use of creative slideshows and banners for seasonal and holiday sales.

Your site’s overall appearance should be overhauled and updated at least every two to three years. Just like clothing fashions, web styles can go out-of-fashion and look dated. Consistent marketing and maintenance will keep people landing on your site and coming back.

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About the Author:

Owner / Graphic & Web Designer. PurpleTree Graphics opened in 2009 and has received several awards for work in both print and web design.