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Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm
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Payment Types

We accept personal and business checks, credit cards - Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express; or debit cards bearing the Visa or Mastercard Logos.
Proper ID must be presented for payment acceptance. Checks and Credit Cards must bear the name of the business and/or card holder.

About PWillover

Owner / Graphic & Web Designer. PurpleTree Graphics opened in 2009 and has received several awards for work in both print and web design.

4 07, 2016

Avoiding Post-Development Web Design Costs

By | 2017-03-25T15:55:05+00:00 July 4th, 2016|Articles|Comments Off on Avoiding Post-Development Web Design Costs

The worst development jobs are those that end up with runaway scope creep. Scope-creep happens when the client doesn’t really know what they want and keeps adding items to the project as it moves forward. Generally this is an indication that the project scope and client’s goals were never clearly defined. Many web designers start [...]

26 06, 2016

How To Rescue Your Website

By | 2017-03-25T15:55:05+00:00 June 26th, 2016|Articles|Comments Off on How To Rescue Your Website

Reclaiming your website from a bad design (or designer). From time to time, I get questions from potential clients asking me if it’s possible to move their website from an errant web designer or a bad web host without the cooperation of that person or hosting service. This may happen because, for whatever reason, the web [...]

22 06, 2016

Off The Shelf Design

By | 2017-03-25T15:55:05+00:00 June 22nd, 2016|Articles|Comments Off on Off The Shelf Design

I was an Architect for over 20 years before becoming a professional Graphic Designer. A peculiar fact about being a designer is learning that people have a strange relationship with design and the cost of creating it. Clients would come to my office and ask the question "How much does it cost to design a 2000 square [...]