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Payment Types

We accept personal and business checks, credit cards - Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express; or debit cards bearing the Visa or Mastercard Logos.
Proper ID must be presented for payment acceptance. Checks and Credit Cards must bear the name of the business and/or card holder.
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Maintenance Services & Support

We provide web Maintenance Services, providing 24/7 security monitoring for theme and application updates  in real time as they become available, security patches, browser compatibility fixes, link repairs, and site back-ups after each update to a secure Cloud server. Services include up to 60 minutes of customer support per service period. Maintenance services are billed on a monthly basis, with payment plans based upon your site requirements, and keep your site running smoothly across all of the major browsers.

Need help with your WordPress site? We offer on-demand support services to assist you in managing your own content, or providing you with fast efficient fixes should you need them. Assistance with your website is available remotely, by phone, or email, and billed at our standard hourly fee.

WordPress Maintenance

Security Monitoring, Updates & Back-Ups

Maintenance & Support Services – 60 minutes / month

  1. Site Back-ups – monthly back-up of content and database information for site restoration should your site become compromised. Stored to a remote Cloud Server for added security.
  2. Link Repairs – weekly review of navigation and link functionality to ensure the site links are in working order.
  3. Theme & Plugin Updates – maintenance of your website’s applications and plug-ins, installation for required updates in real time as they become available.
  4. Security Monitoring – 24/7 security monitoring against unauthorized access and hacking attempts; IP blocking, maintenance of your website’s platform application, security updates and patches installed as they become available.
  5. Web Browser Compatibility – monitoring of the website across all major web browsers, identifying the problems caused by regular server updates and solutions for them in real time.
  6. Site Analysis – review of the site’s overall performance and suggestions for new functions and features that may further improve your traffic, sales and customer satisfaction.
  7. Site Support – consultation and technical support for minor fixes.

Limitations for maintenance services, theme file support, code and plugin updates, and websites not originally developed by PurpleTree Graphics shall apply. Please contact us for specific support services that may be provided for your WordPress site.

Additional Services:

  1. Content additions, revisions, changes, uploads, installation and styling.
  2. Plugins installed and configured to provide additional features and functions.
  3. Custom graphics such as banners, slides, ads, or photos, designed, sized and uploaded.

So that you are not paying monthly for time and services that you don’t need each month, additional services are assessed as indiviual assignments, and billed prior to service commencement. Simply pay the invoice online with a credit or debit card and the assignment is completed.

E-Commerce Maintenance Additions

  • Monthly Product Installs
  • Description Revisions
  • Variations & Swatches Additions
  • Seasonal Slideshows & Banners
  • Holiday Slideshows & Banners
  • Other Content Updates
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Need Help With Your Current WP Site?

We can help you with your WordPress site, whether it’s adding new images, re-writing and re-organizing content, updating page styling, adding an application or plug-in for new functionality, providing an SEO package, to remodeling your site with a new appearance or changing to a new theme.
Simply Contact us with your requirements.

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